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About brushes

I’ve been obsessed with computers by the time I was 10 and started designing by the time I was 14 , faast foward to present day . . . [Insert Current Year Here] and I’m currently designing websites as we speak while maintaining a design blog @ sherifabdou.com.

Phatbrush in particular is a new site I created as an alternate repository , depository , treasure chest full of goodies in regard to photoshop brushes.


PhatBrush’s Intentions, Goals, Secret Missions

I’m trying to collect them all from the hotties & uglies to the grungy as well as the brushes that look like you just took a can of paint and smashed it against the closest wall. Oh yea ! Let’s not forget all the brushes in between. I’ll spend all spare time searching the internet for any brush I find for photoshop.

This is my original dream.










I am trying to download the brushes into Gimp (which is a free package similar to Photoshop) but the files have a little lock displayed next to them after they download. Does this mean that they will not be accessible. Usually I am able to download brushes for photoshop into Gimp. Any advice you could give me would be appreciated. Great brushes by the way!



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