Methods to choose the right doll?

 It is first essential to think the size and safety standards adapted to their age, and then to choose from the models matching to their development. A doll is a great toy for developing your child’s motor skills and communication. Whatever its age, there is a suitable model. In this guide, you will find the information that should be consulted before any purchase, as well as the classic models adapted to each stage of the child’s development.

What criteria should be taken into account?

 Buy the right doll for your child; there are several parameters to take into account. These criteria are similar to those concerning the choice of a soft toy. At first, for custom bobbleheads , the recommended age is information that should not be overlooked. Some models recommended from 3 years old sometimes include small parts such as doll accessories, which present risks of ingestion. For the little ones, therefore, choose only infants whose safety standards correspond to their age.

What doll for what age?

The range of dolls and babies is wide, and it is advisable to choose the one which is adapted to the age and the wishes of your child. For the youngest, before a year and a half, it is preferable to favor dolls “soft toys” with a flexible and light body, which present simple visual details. The resemblance of the model to a child will be a plus and will allow the little ones to identify them. Up to 3 years old, infants will always be a success: they participate in the development of motor skills or even in the socialization of children, who play to be a parent and create their own rules.

With or without accessories such as cradles or baby bottles, they are essential in the awakening of girls as well as boys. Thereafter, dolls to dress or to style are often the most popular. Your child will usually turn to dolls that look like him or that look like his friends. From 3 to 5 years old, functional dolls can also be successful. These electronic dolls can, for example, speak, walk, or even pee. Some latest generation smart babies even have a character that evolves as the child plays with them. The size of the doll is also important. Younger children will generally find it difficult to play with objects larger than them.

Although linked to the size, the weight is also important: a doll with a flexible body with a padded interior will be more suitable for the youngest, while some plastic or wooden models may prove to be too heavy. The choice of materials is essential so that the toy has an aspect that the child will identify with and that he will want to touch. Their quality varies from one brand and model to another, so do not hesitate to compare different dolls before purchasing. Finally, compliance with CE standards is an important point. European safety standards for toys cover three essential points: flammability, mechanical, and physical properties, as well as the migration of certain chemical elements from plastics. Please note, collection bobbleheads dolls are not subject to these standards and may, therefore, present risks if they are used without the supervision of an adult.

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